About STAR Erasmus Consulting (SEC)


STAR Erasmus Consulting (SEC) is a new improved concept of the Erasmus Consultancy Project (ECP). As of last year (2019), major changes have taken place. This includes that from now on companies are able to choose the country they want the tailor-made research and consultancy services to be done.

SEC is part of STAR, the official faculty association of the Rotterdam School of Management. STAR is known as the biggest student-run study association in Europe. STAR was funded in 1977, soon after in 1986 the SEC started as the ‘Project Committee’. Making it the oldest in its kind. The Project Committee began their research in Thailand, Singapore and Indonesia. Research in countries such as China, India, Malaysia, Mexico and Vietnam followed before the project was renamed to European Business Study (EBS) in 1993. The focus of the project was on European upcoming economies such as Ukraine, Turkey, Poland and Russia. This changed in the year 1997 when the project broadened its horizon to investigate global opportunities once again; accordingly, the name of the project changed to the International Business Study (IBS) and in 2013 to Erasmus Consultancy Project (ECP).


For questions, please send us an email at sec@rsmstar.nl or call us at 010-4082700