Overview of past projects

Each project has its own unique challenge what makes every project different. Within the past 34 years, SEC has conducted research in all the blue colored countries! Below the map you can find more details about this years and last years projects.

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Sustainability Sourcing in China 2018-2019

For this project we searched for ways to make a juice company’s sourcing more sustainable. We did this by researching the current sources on their sustainability capacities and by looking for new ways of sustainable sourcing.

Distributor Analysis in Spain 2018 - 2019

We worked for an electronics company in a niche market, trying to find new distributors. This project gave us a challenging supply chain problem, where you needed to take a very practical approach and get out in the field.

Complete Market Analysis in Turkey 2018 - 2019

If you are looking for a very broad research project, including customer-, competitor-, distributor- and an overall market analysis, then this is the project for you. Working for a very international fabric company, you will help them get more foothold in a very competitive and challenging market.

Water Systems in a Developing Country 2018 - 2019

In this project you will define the next focus country for a NGO implementing water systems in developing countries. You will look into multiple factors like current infrastructure, institutions and policies to determine if Sri Lanka, Benin or Bangladesh should be the next focus country. After this you will go to the chosen country to make the first steps for setting up a water system.

Extensive Market Research in Spain, UK and NL 2018 - 2019

Working for a fruit company, you will work on a huge project to improve their position in the European market. Split up into three countries, working on this project will require excellent coordination and communication skills. You will cover almost every business aspect in detail, including market-, customer-, distributor- and competitor analysis.