Overview of the projects

Each project has its own unique challenge what makes every project different. Within the past 34 years, SEC has conducted research in all the blue colored countries! Below the map you can find more details about this years and last years projects.

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In-depth Market Analysis in India 2020

This project consist of an extensive market analysis focused on the Indian market. The company is a leading innovator in exterior wall cladding materials, and has the ambition to expand to Asia. India will be the first Asian country to expand to. The research includes a market analysis in which a market entry strategy, a competitor strategy and a distribution strategy will be formulated. First, the desk research will show which locations have to be visited in India. During the field trip, meetings with local distributors, potential customers and the local government will be arranged.

Pre-feasibility Analysis in Malaysia 2020

The focus of this project is on a pre-feasibility analysis. A construction company is looking to build their product in Malaysia on various locations. Together with a local partner you will visit the potential sites situated throughout Sabah state. You will also get to talk to various stakeholders such as the Malaysian government. In the end you will present a list of the most suitable locations to the company.

Green energy in Colombia 2020

This project is focused on sustainable energy. The company wants to introduce green energy to Colombia, and has worked with the SEC a few years ago. The project consists of renewing the previous findings, and finding new ways to bring green energy to the market. They want to look into possible partnerships in Colombia, and discover whether they will need to set up part of the company in Colombia. Overall you will be responsible for determining the right entering strategy.

General Market Research in Europe 2020

This company needs the SEC to conduct a very broad research, with a focus on several European countries. The company developed a product which can digitalize an entire supply chain. They are looking to sell their product throughout Europe. You will determine the most suitable countries to introduce the product to during the desk research. During the field research you will visit these 4 countries and see if you can confirm your desk research findings and possibly even sell the product.

Sustainability Sourcing in China 2019

For this project the focus was on making a juice company’s sourcing more sustainable. The research concentrated on the current sources and their sustainability capacities, and looked for new ways of sustainable sourcing.

Distributor Analysis in Spain 2019

The SEC worked for an electronics company in a niche market, trying to find new distributors. This project provided a challenging supply chain problem, where it was necessary to take a very practical approach and get out in the field.

Complete Market Analysis in Turkey 2019

This was a very broad research project, including a customer-, competitor-, distributor- and an overall market analysis. The client was a international fabric company looking to get more foothold in the competitive and challenging Turkish market.

Water Systems in a Developing Country 2019

For the project the focus was on defining the next focus country for a NGO implementing water systems in developing countries. By looking into multiple factors like current infrastructure, institutions and policies to determine if Sri Lanka, Benin or Bangladesh the next focus country was determined. On the field trip, the SEC visited the chosen focus country and made the first step to set up a water system.

Extensive Market Research in Spain, UK and NL 2019

A fruit company wanted to improve their position in the European market. The project was huge and even divided over three different companies. Because of the different geographic locations, excellent coordination and communication skills were a must! Again the research was broad and covered every business aspect in detail including market-, customer-, distributor- and competitor analysis.