Emiel van Venrooij

Hi everyone, my name is Emiel van Venrooij and I am the Chairman of the 37th SEC board.

My experience

Last academic year I successfully completed my bachelor degree in Business Administration with a GPA of 7.0. During my education I also completed a minor in Positive Organizational Psychology, which gave me a lot of insights into what does and what does not motivate people. The entire Business Administration course, including the minor, has greatly increased my interest and sense of comfort in leading a team. As a result, I took the role of Chairman of the 37th SEC board.

My function

As Chairman of the SEC, it is my responsibility to keep an overview of everyone’s activities and responsibilities. Furthermore, I serve as spokesperson for SEC, keep contact with the RSM and other stakeholders and stimulate the personal development of the other board members.

I am very much looking forward to the coming year and confident that my fellow board members and I can set up multiple wonderful projects!