SEC Board

Are you interested in becoming the new SEC board?

Every year a new SEC board is chosen. The SEC board is responsible for the continuation of the project for the entire year.

As a SEC board member you and your fellow board members will run your own little consultancy firm from the start. You are responsible for the acquisition of projects, recruitment of consultants and conducting desk- & field research. A board year at the SEC offers you the opportunity to explore the consultancy world, to develop yourself and your skills and to make friends for life!

What's in it for you?

A board year at the SEC

  • Explore the consultancy world
  • Develop several hard and soft skills, such as sales, leadership and many more
  • Create a valuable network by working with professional consutlants and companies
  • Work in an internationally oriented environment and conduct research abroad
  • Receive multiple trainings throughout the year
  • Develop yourself in a professional manner
  • Join various fun and social events, making friends for life


Can I get more information about the SEC?
Read more in our recruitment brochure or schedule a  (virtual) coffee with us by sending an email to


Is it possible to finish my bachelor / open courses during a SEC board year?
Yes, this year 2 board members still have unfinished courses. During the year you can schedule your own time, and study is always a priority

How much time does a board year cost?
From September on you will work at the office fulltime (9-5, 5 days per week), 40 hours per week. Outside of office hours there will be fun events together with other STAR Active Members and your other board members. You will work fulltime until the end of June. In July and August you will still spend less than 40 hours on the SEC. After finalizing your project, your board year is finished.

Is there a financial compensation available (as a full-timer)?
Yes, every fulltime member of STAR will receive a monthly allowance which covers basic expenses. This is to compensate for a loss of other income. Additionally if you don’t follow any courses you can be exempted from your tuition fees for one year. This means you are still entitled to free public transport, a government loan, and you don’t have to pay your tuition fee.