The history of the Erasmus Consultancy Project dates back 33 years. We are the oldest project in its kind and use this experience to improve every year. We have worked with over 200 companies in the past years. Below you can read references from some of the companies that participated.


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Erwin Dingemanse, Commercial Director - Bever Innovations B.V. (Colombia, 2017)

I am very pleased with the results ECP delivered and would definitely recommend the use of ECP’s research capabilities. The involved students showed proactive approach in tackling the research questions that have been composed. The students were organized in their research and showed a great deal of professionalism throughout the project.

They successfully answered all our questions regarding the entry strategy into the Colombian Petrol retail market. The students were able to obtain the relevant information, especially during field research, giving us unique insights into the Colombian market. The advice provided gave us clear follow-up steps on how to tackle the Colombian petrol retail market. The report met all our expectations. We have successfully integrated the results into our business and can recommend others using ECP

Rene Heijnen, Sales Director - Cross Point (Colombia, 2017)

After having worked with the Erasmus Consultancy Project previously we decided to join the project again in Colombia. We are positive about the outstanding quality of the report and the concise way the consultants created a relevant and applicable report. We have experienced a pleasant and professional cooperation with the ECP team. I can really recommend the ECP, as their research approach and the outcome of the project gave us very useful insights into the Colombian market.

Julien Cavigioli, Business Development Manager - Agrana Fruit (Colombia, 2017)

We chose to work with the Erasmus Consultancy Project as we like to explore new markets and the ECP’s research approach was very well fitting to our views and ways of working.

The mission of the research was to investigate the Colombian market and identify potential opportunities to increase our market presence. The consultants were successful in providing us with detailed and high quality information, well documented reports that provided us with clear market insights and possible steps for the future. We very much appreciated the flexible, dynamic and responsive consultants, which contributed to the research progress and, subsequently, the quality of the report.

The communication with the team was very good and easy, the team managed to be very precise in terms of what questions to ask in order to understand our business and the market better.

Overall, I experienced a pleasant cooperation with the consultants of the Erasmus Consultancy Project and would definitely recommend to participate in their research projects. They are motivated, interested, agile, easy to communicate with, and – most importantly – following up after the study, which indicates their aspiration to be of real contribution to businesses.

Alejandro Remy, Business Line Manager - Atlas Copco Compressors (Peru, 2016)

We chose to work with the ECP as we wanted an outside view of the vacuum market, which was needed for Atlas Copco to exploit its full potential in the vacuum market and increase sales. The ECP gave us a good opportunity to have this, with a theoretical and a practical research of the market and its opportunities.
At first we were a little sceptical on how the research would be conducted and the amount of companies that would be contacted, considering the distance, language and how our market varied compared to the European market. We have to say that we were gladly surprised with the outcome and with the constant communication and cooperation we had with ECP. We were glad to see a good amount of interviews made, as well as useful and interesting information gathered on the short time that the consultants had to schedule and make the interviews.
The ECP was able to attain a good grasp of the vacuum market and its potential, with good interpretation of the information gathered, including useful information on what the market wants and what Atlas Copco needs to do to improve its vacuum pump sales potential.
It is my pleasure to recommend ECP, for any future projects. The processes and methods used, as well as their people competence, assured a good outcome to the project and useful information.

Jack Wammes, Owner and Managing Director - Trisoplast (Malaysia, 2015)

It was a pleasure to work with the team of enthusiastic students. During the initial desk study they were able to give good structure to the study and to formulate a clear list of practical questions with us. During the field study they showed persistence in finding and contacting the right key persons and showed a professional attitude. We experienced this study as a good way to get a first market overview and to initiate the first contact to essential key persons in the new market.

Ubald Kragten, Manager Business Intelligence - Royal DSM (Chile, 2014)

Each year I got approached by different universities with similar requests. For DSM Innovation Center, it is not always easy to connect us to a specific country and therefore I was restrained towards those projects. It is hard for both, the company and the students to find a direct match during the first contact. The ECP came with a relevant proposal, which showed knowledge about our company. Therefore, Chile, bio mining and DSM were specific and a perfect fit. The ECP even visited a mine in Chile to see a part of the value chain in action. In the end, the report met our expectations perfectly.

Marlena Holdermans, Executive Manager Finance, Quality & Law - Transport & Offshore services (Chile, 2014)

We have experienced a successful and nice collaboration with the consultants of the Erasmus Consultancy Project. The consultants who came to the first meeting came across as professional. Thereafter, they made a well-researched research proposal and processed our feedback very well. In our opinion the students of the ECP have delivered work of good quality. At the end we got interesting contact persons from the project and we really appreciate this.

Rob Rullen - Van Doorn Group (Thailand, 2013)

For VDG and KB, the ECP conducted a market research focused on finding business opportunities in the Far East. This study was handled with a driven approach and the ECP consultants faliliarized themselves fast with the unknown matter and markets. The delivered endreport was professional and gave a clear insight in the market, the potential possibilities and provides clear keystones and contacts to enter this market with success.

Coert Michielsen, Group Director Purchasing - Refresco Gerber (Thailand, 2013)

The introduction of ECP was very professional and immediately gave us a very good feeling about the initiative. In a second meeting, two students were introduced and afterwards two more, because of the size of the studies. We are very happy with the quality of both studies they did. The research questions were very well aligned with us in a couple of meetings. The desk research before the trip to Thailand was already very complete, which was also a trigger for a broader than initially foreseen field research. Good visit reports were written and our company was well represented by them.
The team has used their time efficiently which led to a high quality document quite quickly after their return to The Netherlands. Eventually, Refresh received two professional documents with clear and concise conclusions and recommendations, which we are very happy with. We have enjoyed the pro-activeness and the enthusiasm of the team. It was a great pleasure working with them.
The outcome of the CSR-study has already been used in various contacts with important customers. The market validity study showed that we have to be more patient, which we will obviously take into account as well.
We would like to warmly recommend the ECP organisation in general and the team we worked with in particular.

Hein Willekens, CEO - Kappersfoods (Thailand, 2013)

My experience with the ECP was very good. The students who conducted research for me were very involved, accurate and delivered excellent work. When such a research in a region is desired, the ECP is a very good possibility to do a first market exploration. It is possible to get a total image of the opportunities a region offers, especially through the presence on location of a couple of weeks. Therefore it is easy to get in contact with local contacts and doing research to potential buyers and suppliers, but also official authorities like the customs office.

Jef Snijders, Director Asia Pacific - Koninklijke Zeelandia B.V. (South Korea, 2012)

It was my pleasure to work with the consultants of the Study Association Rotterdam (STAR) of the Erasmus University Rotterdam on a research project aimed at the identification of a business partner for Zeelandia on the Southern Korean Market. In the short term of three months, the students have been able to rank potential partners and present a shortlist of seven companies interested in a cooperation with Zeelandia while at the same time providing valuable information about the Southern Korean market for bakery products. We are impressed by the good communication and by the speedy reporting and the quality of the research results. The study has proven to be valuable for our company.

Daniel Couto, Regional Manager - Hybris (Brazil, 2011 and South Korea, 2012)

When I decided to engage the [ECP] to do a research in Brazil, I was not sure of what exactly to expect. I had a very good impression, had very good feedback from the references provided, but was not sure about what results they would be able to show. Very quickly the team showed that they can deliver real business results, first by quickly identifying the main players relevant for my company and then by actively engaging them. The team was able not only to map the competitive landscape in Brazil, but also to get very precise information on what the market expects of a new entrant as well as to open many doors at potential partners, potential customers and industry influencers. I wholeheartedly recommend working with [ECP].

Martin Hammer, Financial Director - Supermaritime Group International (Brazil, 2011)

The [ECP] consultants have provided us with detailed information and valuable observations. We now have a comprehensive report that contains insights in the current practices and shows the hurdles the firm should overcome to improve its performance.

Ruud Bokhout, Business Development Director - Trelleborg Ridderkerk (Brazil, 2011)

The [ECP] students conducting our research did well in delivering a solid piece of work. The practical information they delivered allowed us to follow-up right away.

Peter van der Galiën, Director International Sales & Marketing - Vivid (Brazil, 2011)

The report and conclusions of both students of the RSM, has provided Vivid with a better insight into the Brazilian automotive aftermarket. Some of the information was new and helped to better judge the challenges and opportunities. But even when it was not new, it was still useful as it confirmed our own findings. Without doubt, this report will help Vivid to make an “informed” decision and will allow us to build a strategy for Brazil based on facts rather than hope.

Javier Libré, Senior Manager - Royal Philips Healthcare (Chile, 2010)

We are more than satisfied by the research performed by the [ECP] for the Home Healthcare Markets in Chile and Argentina. The detailed reports they sent to us, the professionalism and the positive comments we received from some of our interviewed customers overfulfilled our expectations. For sure we will use their data and their recommendations to plan our future strategy in these territories. I hope to have the opportunity to work together again with them in the future.

Remon Spekreijse, Director - Crosspoint (Chile, 2010)

We are very satisfied with the results, which are very useful to us. Through [ECP], we have been able to establish contacts with several local players within the Chilean market. The approach that [ECP] has employed really appeals to us and we are planning to copy this approach in other countries.

Edward Out, Managing Director - Organic Trade Company (Vietnam, 2009)

The students which conducted the [ECP] for OTC-Holland delivered an excellent job for our sourcing department. The results gave our company an excellent insight in the Vietnamese industry, clearly indicated the complexity and gave a proper advise which steps to take to enter this market. A successful cooperation between very professional students and our company.

Peter van Bilsen, Senior Vice President Marketing & Sales - Vekoma Rides Manufacturing B.B. (India, 2008)

[ECP] did a good job in analyzing the market in order to better understand the theme park industry development. The theme park market in India is growing and in order to be successful you need to provide leasing and partnerships.

Sander Koutstaal, Commercial Manager - Campina International (Mexico, 2007)

[ECP] Mexico 2007 did a solid job by doing a general analysis on the Mexican dairy market for our company. The market in Mexico is promising and the research of [ECP] is contributing to possible future steps of Campina in Mexico.

Mirka Eikelschulte, Manager Business Intelligence - DSM Food Specialties (2006, Brazil)

The [ECP] can be a “win win” situation for two parties: for the company it is a great possibility to get a substantial part done of the ever so important basic work. Students, on the other hand, can show what they are capable of doing. A close cooperation between those two parties is a condition for success. If managed well the end result can be most rewarding.

Gerhard Muggen, Vice President Marketing & Sales - Stork Thermeq (2005, Vietnam)

[ECP] Vietnam 2005 has done an excellent research in Vietnam incorporating desk research, customer interviews, project financing and a thorough analysis of the business and the different possible business models. The market in Vietnam is promising and the research of [ECP]Vietnam is contributing greatly to the future steps and possible success in Vietnam. I warmly recommend [ECP] to other companies who are planning to invest in new markets.