Tran Dieu Ly

I am a Vietnamese-Czech bilingual student of International Business Administration at Rotterdam School of Management (RSM). Being born in Asia yet growing up in Europe, I have gained insight into the Western as well as Eastern culture. I further advanced my business background thanks to the family business. Due to my proficient knowledge of 4 languages, I had a forefront position during the company expansion and gained first-hand experience on how business is conducted in the aforementioned cultures.

As an ardent supporter of sustainability and social awareness, I actively engage in socially responsible initiatives and community services. In the past, I volunteered for humanitarian collections and participated as a fundraiser in talk2move week campaigns. Currently, I am organizing the CleanTech Challenge Netherlands that aims to encourage efficient clean technology development & environmentally neutral business models by connecting business and technology master students from RSM and TU Delft.

Next to participating in the Erasmus Consultancy Project, I am active in the fields of event management, HR and retail as a member of the Erasmus Centre for Entrepreneurship and employee of the Erasmus University. These opportunities enable me to further deepen my business knowledge and simultaneously enhance my interpersonal skills. As a consultant, I am eager to be challenged to use my cross-cultural abilities and acquired experience to come up with the most suitable solutions for real-life cases.

Besides that, I am a hopeless optimist with a huge passion for people and a personal goal of speaking at least 7 languages fluently.

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