Sabine Vreeburg

My name is Sabine Vreeburg and I am the Commercial Relations Manager and Corporate Marketing Manager of the 35th SEC board.

My experience

I almost completed by bachelor’s degree in Business Administration at the Rotterdam School of Management. Next to SEC, I am following a minor in Neuroeconomics, a field which combines psychology and economics.

Last year I spent a semester at Paris Université Dauphine in Paris, which was a very educative and fun experience, in which I gained a lot of knowledge and independence.

My function

This year, I will be in charge of the commercial relations and corporate marketing.

As the Commercial Relations Manager I am responsible for maintaining long term relationships with companies and other organizations, as well as finding new leads. I will be in charge of the acquisition phase, during which me and my fellow board member call various companies.

Next to this, I will be responsible for the Corporate Marketing, to make sure companies get a good image of SEC and the activities.

I am looking forward to this year! If you have any questions, you can always contact me by email, or come by our office at T5-53.