Roza Kooter

My name is Roza Kooter and I am the Chairman and Treasurer of the 35th SEC board.

My experience

Last year I completed my bachelor Business Administration at the Rotterdam School of Management. As part of my bachelor’s degree I did an HR internship in Cape Town, South Africa. I lived in Cape Town for 3 months, and it has thought me a lot. During my internship I’ve gained a lot of knowledge about the African culture and managing diverse teams.

My function

As the Chairman of SEC I am responsible for keeping an overview of everyone’s tasks and responsibilities within the SEC board. Next to that, I primarily monitor progress, manage tasks and responsibilities of my fellow committee members and consultants, serve as the figurehead of SEC, and brainstorm new innovative ideas that could potentially benefit the overall success of the project. As the Treasurer it is my responsibility to manage the budget and secure the financial health of the project.