Research Manager

During the different phases of the project, you will be the one that takes the lead in doing the research. From the point of acquisition up to desk and field research you will be responsible for the content that is delivered to the companies. This allows you to shape the project and the course of the project. You will also be in contact with various professional consultants, who will provide you feedback.

Next to conducting research you will be the HR Manager of the STAR Erasmus Consulting board. The HR manager focusses on the personal development of all board members and consultants. You will conduct personality tests, organize trainings and more. This way everyone can get the most out of their year and optimally develop themselves.

As the HR manager you are also entirely responsible for the recruitment of the new consultants. You will decide what the application process is going to look like, and will deliver all necessary content. For a few weeks you will conduct actual interviews with potential consultants, and support your fellow board members when they are conducting the interviews.

Other board members

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