Nitiwat Nisapakultorn

My name is Nitiwat Nisapakultorn and I am a consultant of the Erasmus Consultancy Project 2018.

I am currently a second year full time student studying International Business Administration at Rotterdam School of Management from Thailand. Previously, I have written a Strategic Business Plan report for Ximedes Solutions, a fintech company based in The Netherlands that specializes in closed loop payment system, whose clients includes ING and Daimler Benz to name a few. Prior to my studies in The Netherlands, I have worked as a seminar coordinator at Quality Training (Thailand) Ltd., a consultancy firm that specializes in strategic management and ISO Standard training. During the internship at my family business I’ve realized that Quality Training (Thailand) Ltd. is in need of customer exposure. Thus I’ve hired a subcontractor to revamp its brand image through the creation of a new website. As a consultant, I believe that our tasks are not limited to pointing out business potentials, but to assist our clients every at step until those business opportunities are realized and transformed into value creation. My promise to you is to optimize your business and maximize its fullest potential.

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