Mariella Gruensteidl

My name is Mariella Gruensteidl and I am originally from Vienna, Austria.  Currently, I am in the last year of my bachelor studies in International Business Administration at the Rotterdam School of Management. I am particularly interested in technological developments as well as any topics related to digital transformation and innovation. Accordingly, I gained experience in these fields by developing a strategic business plan for Lufthansa Technik Brussels during a six-month project as well as by interning at the Digital Factory of the insurance company Allianz. In regards to the latter, my main focus lied in applying a customer-centric approach throughout the development process of new products as well as on supporting the transformational process of the corporation to ensure its competitiveness in the future. Additionally, I will pursue a masters degree in the field of Business Information Management next year to gain an even deeper insight into this field.

Consequently, as a part of the SEC team, I will strive to provide the greatest possible consultancy service to your company by combining my professional and academic experience with my personal passion for international business development and digitalization.