Lars Cretier

I am a Dutch native who grew up in the United Kingdom and Australia. Currently, I am a second-year student studying International Business Administration at the Rotterdam School of Management. As a part of the ECP team, I will strive to provide the greatest possible consultancy service to your company. My relevant experience includes a comprehensive six-month strategic business plan for Lufthansa Technik Brussels, an organisational strategy plan for De Klerk Staalconstructie and a work experience programme at the Kellogg Company of Great Britain. Besides these, I am also currently active as a sales representative for RSGolf Rotterdam. Here, at this relatively new and growing business, I continue to develop my analytical eye with applicable first-hand insights into the essential factors of running a successful entrepreneurship. In brief, I know my dedication to the ECP, coupled with my unique international skill set, will allow us to provide high-class and company specific consultancy solutions for your business.

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