Irene Rutten

My name is Irene Rutten and I am the Marketing, HR and Research manager of the 35th SEC board.

My experience
I almost completed my bachelor (International Business Administrations) at RSM. I will hopefully pass my two remaining before the end of this year. I have been an active member at STAR for two years. In my first year I was the commercial of the academic committee. Together with another committee member we called various companies to participate in our events. The year after I became the marketeer of the Speaker Series. Our highlight was our event with David Allen, who is well-known for this book ‘Getting Things Done’. Over 200 people signed up to join our event.

My function
This year I will be charge of the marketing, HR and Research. As Marketing Manager I am responsible for active online presence of the SEC. My goal this year is to create more awareness. For companies, to see SEC as a suitable consultant service, and for students to actually apply to become a consultant.

As HR I am also responsible for making sure that every board member and consultant will get the right training to excel in their tasks, thus meeting their personal goals. Lastly, I am responsible for all the research that has to be done during every phase of the SEC.

I am looking forward to this year! If you have any questions, you can always contact me by email, or come by our office at T5-53.