Hongbo Cui

My name is Hongbo Cui and I am one of the consultants for the Erasmus Consultancy Project 2018.

I am in the last year of my Bachelor study in International Business and Administration at Rotterdam School of Management (RSM) at the Erasmus University Rotterdam.

Along studies in my home country and the Netherlands, traveling and working have hold a sizable place in my life. These experiences provide me a special insight and understanding about business in the Eastern and Western world. That enables me to think in an open-minded way and leads to a better result in business, especially when launching into a new market. I believe that I can learn more from real life practices than working on a business handbook. Therefore, ECP (STAR) is the best place for me to devote my effort on.

As a consultant, I will contribute all my knowledge and resources on the project that I am responsible for. Team working with other consultants, we will make sure of a professional output by the end of the consulting phase.

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