Carsten Burggraaff

Hi there! My name is Carsten Burggraaff and I am this year’s marketing and research manager.

My experience

Throughout the years of my bachelor’s degree, I engaged in several committees that are part of STAR, the study association of Rotterdam School Of Management. In my first year I joined the iCare committee. Together with four other students, I organized a volunteer trip to India. In this committee I was responsible for raising funds to make the trip possible. I had a lot of contact with different companies and created special events such as the ´iCare lottery´. In my second year I participated in another committee, the Race Of The Classics Committee (ROTC).  As chairman of the ROTC, I was ultimately responsible for the activities conducted. In this committee I have learned to deal with and overcome potential failures. I also learned a lot about people management.

My Function

As the marketing manager of the STAR Erasmus Consulting board, I am responsible for creating more awareness among students and companies. As research manager, I am also responsible for the content of each project that is delivered to the companies.

I am very excited about the upcoming year. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me by email or phone, or come by our office at T5-53. 

Other board members

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